First CFP StReBio’09: ACM-SIGKDD workshop on Statistical and Relational Learning and mining in Bioinformatics

StReBio’09 – ACM SIGKDD workshop on Statistical and
Relational Learning and mining in Bioinformatics
Call for contributions

Bioinformatics is an application domain where information is naturally represented in terms of relations between heterogenous objects. Modern experimentation and data acquisition techniques allow the study of complex interactions in biological systems. This raises interesting challenges for
machine learning and data mining researchers, as the amount of data is huge, some information can not be observed, and measurements may be noisy.

The StReBio workshop aims at bringing together researchers from both the field of statistical relational learning and the field of bioinformatics. Our main goals are to provide a common venue for the two communities where biologists can present novel complex problems arising in biological applications that computer scientists could tackle by developing new statistical relational approaches.

We invite contributions of the following types:

* Regular papers, describing work in the area of the workshop;
* Open problem papers, describing challenges and open problems;
* Challenge solution papers, describing solutions of open problems presented at StReBio’08. A list of these problems can be found on the workshop webpage.


The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for presenting and discussing new methods, problem settings, applications and models, exploiting structured data in the field of biology. Methods include, but are not restricted to

* Statistical Relational Learning
* Relational Probabilistic Models
* Multi-relational Data Mining
* Graph Methods

The data, structures or models considered can include but are not limited to

* Sequences (DNA, RNA, protein)
* Pathways (chemical, metabolic, mutation, interaction pathways)
* 2D, 3D structures of proteins, RNA
* Chemical structures (e.g. QSAR, especially regarding interaction of compounds with proteins)
* Evolutionary relations (phylogeny, homology relations)
* Ontologies integration (gene, enzyme, protein function ontologies)
* Large networks (regulatory, co-expression, interaction, metabolic,…)
* Concept graphs (heterogenuous graphs linking information on articles, authors and biological entities such as compounds, proteins, genes, …


ACM-SIGKDD will provide informal workshop proceedings. (Extended versions of) selected papers will be published in a special issue of Fundamenta Informaticae. Details will be published on the workshop webpage in the beginning of April.


* Submission: Apr 20
* Notification: May 15
* Camera-ready copy: May 22
* Workshop: June 28