Final Call for ICML/UAI/COLT 2009 Workshop Proposals

Montreal, Canada, June 18 2009
Proposal Deadline: Mon 19 Jan, 2009
Acceptance Notification: February 2, 2009

The ICML, UAI, and COLT conferences will be colocated in Montreal June
14-21 2009. We solict proposals for workshops to be held during a single joint workshop day on June 18. This date lies between ICML (June 14-17) and UAI/COLT (June 19-21). Workshops will be selected on the basis of their interest to the attendees of one or more of the conferences.

The goal of the workshops is to provide an informal forum for researchers to discuss important research questions and challenges. Controversial issues, open problems, and comparisons of competing approaches are encouraged. Representation of alternative viewpoints and panel-style discussions are also encouraged.

* Organization

The format, style, and content of accepted workshops is under the control of the workshop organizers and largely autonomous from the main conferences. The workshops will be seven hours long and split into morning and afternoon sessions. Workshop organizers will be expected to manage the workshop content, specify the workshop format, be present to moderate the discussion and panels, invite experts in the domain, and maintain a website for the workshop. Workshop registration will be handled centrally by the main conferences with a single uniform registration fee and with registrants allowed to attend workshops other than the one they register for.

* Submission Instructions

Proposals should specify clearly all of the following:

* the workshop’s title (what is it called?)
* topic (what is it about?)
* motivation (why a workshop on this topic?)
* impact and expected outcomes (what will having the workshop do?)
* potential invited speakers (who might come?)
* a list of related publications (where can we learn more?)
* main workshop organizer (who is making it happen?)
* other organizers (who else is making it happen?)
* workshop URL (where will interested parties get more information?)
* relevant conferences (which of ICML, UAI, and COLT would it appeal to?)

Please also provide brief CVs of all organizers.
This information should be sent by email (in plain text or pdf format) to
Icml-uai-colt-workshops09 (at)
by 19 Jan 2009.

Jeff Bilmes and Andrew Ng: UAI co-chairs Sham Kakade: COLT workshops chair Chris Williams: ICML 2009 workshops chair