Open positions in Machine Learning, Lille (France)

We would like to advertise that tenure positions for researchers will be opened soon by the French National Research Institute for Computer Science and Control (INRIA,

In Lille, two research groups have stong interest in machine learning
* Sequel (, reinforcement learning
* Mostrare (, structured prediction
4 positions of junior researchers and 1 position of experienced researcher will be open in Lille.
We would also like to mention that opportunities exist for:
* tenure positions for senior researchers in order to create a new research group
* five years positions for senior researchers
* postdoctoral positions
* PhD grants

A thorough description of these opportunities is given on our Web sites.

If you have any question, please get in touch with us, either remi.gilleron (at) (Mostrare), or remi.munos (at), philippe.preux (at) for SequeL.
If you want to apply, it is crucial that you get in touch with us, as early as possible.