Call for Papers: Machine Learning and Its Application Stream in the 23rd European Conference on Operational Research (EURO)

Machine Learning and Its Application” Stream in the 23rd European Conference on Operational Research (EURO), Bonn, Germany
July 5-8, 2009

Submission for abstracts starts: October 2008
Deadline for abstract submission: March 1, 2009
Notification of acceptance: March 31, 2009
Deadline for early registration: April 1, 2009
Deadline for author registration (for inclusion in the programme): April 15,2009
Conference: July 5-8, 2009

A subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, is concerned with the development of algorithms that allow computers to “learn”. It is the process of training a system with a large number of examples, extracting rules and finding patterns in order to make predictions on new data points (examples). Common machine learning problems include supervised learning, unsupervised learning, semi-supervised learning, reinforcement learning, etc.. There are different kinds of applications in this field, including natural language processing, search engines, medical diagnosis, bioinformatics, detecting credit card fraud, stock market analysis, classifying DNA sequences, speech and handwriting recognition, and object recognition in computer vision to name a few.

TOPICS OF INTEREST Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Mathematical foundations of Learning Theory
* Data mining and machine learning algorithms and methods in OR areas
* Machine learning applications in Fraud Detection, Healthcare systems
* Optimization methods in machine learning
* Supervised and unsupervised learning methods and applications
* Clustering methods and its application to OR
* Kernel learning and its applications to OR, business, healthcare.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Abstracts must be written in English and contain no more than 600 characters (no formulas or mathematical notations are allowed). Each attendee is allowed to present ONE paper at the conference. Abstract submissions can be done
( according to the guidelines posted there. At least one author of each accepted abstract is expected to participate in the conference and present his/her work.

PAPER SUBMISSION: We invite all researchers, academicians, practitioners, as well as students interested in all branches of operational research, mathematical modelling and economic analyses to participate in the conference and to present their papers in the following areas:

1. Continuous optimization and control
2. Data mining; knowledge discovery; artificial intelligence
3. DEA and performance management
4. Decision analysis; decision support systems; modelling languages
5. Discrete optimization; graphs & networks
6. Energy, environment & climate
7. Financial modelling; risk management; banking
8. Fuzzy sets; softcomputing
9. Game theory; mathematical & experimental economics
10. Health, life sciences & bioinformatics
11. Location; logistics; transportation; traffic
12. Metaheuristics & biologically inspired approaches
13. Multiple criteria decision making, optimization & group decision
14. OR education, history & ethics
15. OR for developing countries
16. OR in agriculture & natural resources
17. OR in industries & software applications
18. Production management; supply chain management
19. Revenue management & managerial accounting
20. Scheduling, time tabling & project management
21. Stochastic programming; stochastic modelling; simulation
22. System dynamics; dynamic modelling
23. Telecommunication & network analysis

Special Journal Issues:
European Journal of Operational Research Journal Organizacija

Kristiaan Pelckmans, University College London (UK)
Jacob Kogan, University of Maryland Baltimore County (USA)
Süreyya Özöðür-Akyüz, Middle East Technical University & Sabancý University(Turkey)