This workshop presented and discussed the results of the PASCAL Visual Object Classes Challenge (VOC2008). As in previous years’ challenges there are two main competitions, one testing image classification (“does the image contain an instance of this class?”), and one testing object detection (“provide a bounding box for each instance of the class, if any”). In addition there are two ‘taster’ competitions: the first evaluates the object layout in more detail (“detect the hands, feet etc for a person”), the second evaluates object segmentation at the pixel level.

A new database has been prepared consisting of 20 classes with around 25000 annotated instances in total. The images are obtained from flickr. The classes include people, cats, dogs, cars, motorbikes, bottles and sofas. The annotation includes a rectangular bounding box and flags to indicate pose and level of difficulty.


  • Mark Everingham (University of Leeds),
  • Luc van Gool (ETHZ, Zurich)
  • Chris Williams (University of Edinburgh)
  • John Winn (Microsoft Research Cambridge)
  • Andrew Zisserman (University of Oxford)