Welcome to the 2nd issue of the Journal of Machine Learning Video Abstracts, published by Knowledge for All Foundation Ltd, London, with the goal of providing the legacy of the PASCAL2 Network of Excellence.

This issue is equaly dedicated to presenting the spotlight presentations of the 2011 Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Conference held in Granada, Spain, on December 12, as the Volume 1 of this Journal. The VideoLectures.NET team were on site to record the presentations and they post-processed the recordings to incorporate the slides into the video, they also provide the technical infrastructure for the journal pages.

We are publishing this Volume rather late, as the video specific publishing model is still experimental and it makes harder to organize all the necessary stages of the publishing cycle, therefore the review process took longer than expected. We are delighted to have been able to record these and make them available to the wider Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence community together with the wider audience. A special note of thankfulness goes also to our reviewers and spotlight chairs.

Editors of the 2nd Issue and Programme Chairs of the 2010 NIPS Conference

Journal Video Abstracts

The Kernel Beta Process

David E Carlson

Sparse Filtering

Jiquan Ngiam