Translexy is an API that enables you to translate your content. It is already integrated into MOOC platforms and video repositories to create new educational experiences.

It also offers tools for developers and researchers. Translexy API is the first free and open translation service to use Neural Machine Translation Models (NMT) for educational content, which immensely improves translation results. NMT has recently emerged as a disruptive technology and has become the dominant paradigm in machine translation.

Discover here how you can use, integrate and customize this service in your own application or MOOC solution. Translexy API can be used on its own or its results can be customized for pre-publishing with our partners.

Translexy API provides translation from English into nine European and two BRIC, languages, namely German (DE), Italian (IT), Portuguese (PT), Dutch (DU), Bulgarian (BG), Greek (EL), Polish (PL), Czech (CS), Croatian (CR), Russian (RU) and Chinese (ZH).