Modern society is increasingly reliant on our capability to automatically detect patterns in vast masses of data. This is affecting not only the way we do business and run our industries, but also is changing the very nature of the scientific method. Every science now has an e-version (computational biology, computational chemistry, etc) and in many cases this involves automatisation of both the production and the analysis of experimental data. The use of computer simulations increases our reliance on automatic analysis of data even further. This process is accelerating.

The distinct scientific communities that are working on various aspects of automatic analysis of data include Combinatorial Pattern Matching, Data Mining, Computational Statistics, Network Analysis, Text Mining, Image Processing, Syntactical Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Statistical Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, and many others.

A unified understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead is essential for further progress, and is the purpose of this series of workshops / summer-schools: to promote a unified understanding of all the technical and conceptual issues relating to the automatic discovery and exploitation of patterns in data.

The previous 2 editions of this event took place in Erice, 2005 and Bertinoro, 2007. The videos of all lectures are available online.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: The school is intended for PhD students, postdocs, and researchers (both academic and industrial), working in any of the disciplines involved in "the analysis of patterns" and hence including: bioinformatics, data mining, text analysis, machine learning, statistics, optimization, computer vision, stringology, network analysis, etc.