Research on Multiple Kernel Learning (MKL) has matured to the point where efficient systems can be applied out of the box to various application domains. In contrast to last year's workshop, which evaluated the achievements of MKL in the past decade, this workshop looks beyond the standard setting and investigates new directions for MKL.

In particular, we focus on two topics:

  1. There are three research areas, which are closely related, but have traditionally been treated separately: learning the kernel, learning distance metrics, and learning the covariance function of a Gaussian process. We therefore would like to bring together researchers from these areas to find a unifying view, explore connections, and exchange ideas.
  2. We ask for novel contributions that take new directions, propose innovative approaches, and take unconventional views. This includes research, which goes beyond the limited classical sum-of-kernels setup, finds new ways of combining kernels, or applies MKL in more complex settings.


  • Marius Kloft, UC Berkeley
  • Ulrich Rückert, UC Berkeley
  • Cheng Soon Ong, ETH Zürich
  • Alain Rakotomamonjy, University of Rouen
  • Sören Sonnenburg, FML of the Max Planck Society / TU Berlin
  • Francis Bach, INRIA / ENS