As part of the AfricaNLP - Unlocking Local Languages workshop, we were privileged to host a number of projects working in AI in Africa for Development, funded via IDRC grants.


12:00-12:10 A Computer vision Tomato Pest Assessment and Prediction tool (slides)
  • Denis Pastory Rubanga
12:10-12:15 Using Artificial Intelligence to Digitize Parliamentary Bills in Sub-Saharan Africa (slides)
  • Adewale Akinfaderin
12:15‑12:20 A Semi-Automatic Tool for Meta-data extraction from Malawi Court Judgments (slides)
  • Amelia Taylor

Improving the Pharmacovigilance system using Natural Language Processing (NLP) on Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) (slides)

  • Steven Edward
12:25-12:30 Effective Creation of Ground Truth Data-set for Malaria Diagnosis Using Deep Learning (slides)
  • Martha Shaka
12:30-12:40 Early detection of preeclampsia (slides)
  • Moses Thiga
12:40‑12:50 Preservation of Indigenous Languages
  • T. Idriss Tinto
12:50‑13:00 End-to-End Learning for Autonomous Driving on Unpaved Roads - A Study Towards Automated Wildlife Patrol (slides)
  • Khushal Brahmbhatt
13:00‑13:05 Building a Medicinal Plant Database for Preserving Ethnopharmacological Knowledge in the Sahel
  • T. Idriss Tinto

Arabic Speech-to-MSL Translator: ‘Learning for Deaf’ (slides)

  • Abdelhak Mahmoudi
13:10‑13:50 Discussion with AI4D projects
  • Speakers: Davor [Moderator], Denis Pastory Rubanga, Adewale Akinfaderin, Amelia Taylor, Steven Edward, Martha Shaka, Moses Thiga, T. Idriss Tinto, Khushal Brahmbhatt, T. Idriss Tinto,