We are organizing a workshop of gesture and sign language recognition from 2D and 3D video data and still images. Last year's workshop on gesture recognition at CVPR 2011 was a big success, with over 300 participants. This new workshop is coupled with a gesture recognition challenge http://gesture.chalearn.org, offering the opportunity to work on a large database of videos of hand gestures recorded with KinectTM. The best entrants will present their work at the workshop.

The scope of the workshop is broader than that of the challenge since gestures originate from any body motion and there is a wide variety of application settings in gaming, marketing, computer interfaces, interpretation of sign language for the deaf, and video surveillance. We invited keynote speakers in diverse areas of gesture research, including sign language recognition, body posture analysis, action and activity recognition, image or video indexing and retrieval, and facial expression or emotion recognition. The workshop aims at gathering researchers from different application domains working on gesture recognition to share algorithms and techniques.

It is possible to register to the workshop only, not to the full conference, but the participants have to register via the CVPR 2012 website. The calls for paper and for demonstration competitions are closed.