The machine learning team of the ”Labora-toire d’Informatique Fondamentale de Mar-seille” (ML-LIF) is a Joint Research Unit of the Universit´e de Provence and the CNRS.All of the 5  professors/assistant professors of the team are involved in the  organisation of aspring school in machine learning that will beheld at the end of next May. The particular-ity of this school, compared to the machinelearning summer schools usually supportedby PASCAL, is that it is targeted to an at-tendance made of people coming from variousscientific fields such as mere statistical infer-ence, bioinformatics, machine vision. Thisshort note summarizes some of the salientaspects regarding this school; it particularlystresses the diffusion of machine learning overa wide range of research areas.

A second item that is covered by this notedeals with the teaching experience of the ma-chine learning team members. It brings someclues as to how undergraduate and graduatestudents positively perceive machine learningand may fail to sustain their interest whenthe theoretical aspects of the field are tack-led.