There are many desirable features of natural systems: adaptability, robustness, homeo-stasis, memory, immunity. Biological immune systems seem to exhibit all of these features and more. Thus it is not so surprising that a vigorous research field has emerged, which focuses on understanding biological immune systems and creating
new models, algorithms, technologies and theoretical understandings. The field is known collectively as artificial immune systems (AIS), and comprises a remarkably diverse range of researchers. Biologists join forces with mathematicians to create new models. Engineers and computer scientists produce new autonomous intelligent software. Roboticists and specialists in unconventional computation create new control systems or new ways to compute.
The International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems is proud to be the premiere conference in this exciting area. For
the first time ICARIS moved to East Asia, not only being held in Thailand with Thai local chairs, but also with conference chairs
from South Korea. As its organizers, we were honored to have had such a variety of innovative and original scientific papers presented this year, especially from those new to the conference.
ICARIS 2008 was the seventh international conference dedicated entirely to the field of AIS. We had more submissions than ever before this year, and because our acceptance
rate is based purely on quality, we accepted 60% of papers. These acceptances were based on advice from stream leaders – expert
s in the field who agreed to help monitor submissions and make decisions on subject and quality. Thus, in these proceedings you
will find 40 papers written by the leading scientists in the field, from 25 different countries in 4 continents, describing an impressive array of ideas, technologies and applications for AIS. We could not have organized this conference without these researchers, so we thank them all for coming. We also could not have organized ICARIS without the excellent work of all of the Programme Committee, our Publicity Chair Sungwon Jung, our Local Chairs Supiya Charoensiriwath and Boonserm Kaewkamnerdpong, and our conference administrator, J.J. Giwa.

Conference Chairs

  • Doheon Lee KAIST, Korea
  • Peter Bentley University College, London. UK