Accelerators and Investors | India | Hyderābād | https://www.f6s.com/avishkardeeptechaccelerator/about

The Avishkar accelerator program is a structured 6-month program. The investment committee will select upto 10 startups over a period of one year and each startup will be given a seed fund of 25 Lakhs INR. The program would be customised for each startup based on where they are at the moment and where they want to reach in 6 month’s time.

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Incubate 8800

Accelerators and Investors | India | Bangalore | https://www.f6s.com/incubate8800q22018/about

Incubate8800 is a Flagship incubation program of JUincubator. It is designed to support entrepreneurs in launching and scaling their Technology based Ideas/Enterprises.

The NetApp Excellerator

Accelerators and Investors | India | Bangalore | https://www.f6s.com/netappexcelleratorcohort3/about

The NetApp® Excellerator program is a start-up accelerator program designed to help start-ups create world class products and innovative solutions that are market ready (in four months)

LIL 2017 – Collider

Accelerators and Investors | India | Bangalore | https://www.f6s.com/lil2017-colliderbatch3/about

Collider is a co-creation platform in which Labs’ narratives and the best start-up minds are set on a collision course to disrupt the future. It’s a mutually enriching program, putting your startup on the cusp of the future with Lowe’s.

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IMACX Studios

Accelerators and Investors | India | Bangalore | https://www.f6s.com/imacxstudios/about

Since 2000, International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B) has been inspiring, supporting and funding innovators, entrepreneurs and startups in the technology space.

Aarambh Ventures

Accelerators and Investors | India | Gurgaon | https://www.f6s.com/aarambhsacceleratorprogram/about

Aarambh Ventures is a design & innovation driven startup accelerator in INDIA, founded by Mr. Pramod Saxena ( Chairman & MD – Oxigen Services India Pvt. Ltd.) & led by Mr. Vivek Kaushik as CEO. Aarambh Ventures is a mentorship driven startup accelerator that offers 16 weeks program

Robolab Technologies Pvt Ltd

Startup | India | Pune

RoboLab – The Perfect Platform To Explore, Learn & Build Robots.

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Startup | India | Bengaluru

Charmboard is the world’s leading in-video discovery platform that makes use of computer vision and artificial intelligence to make online videos respond to touch by extracting and augmenting deep information about key moments within a video. Charmboard makes use of artificial intelligence to make streaming video respond to touch. While watching a video at Charmboard or at partner OTT platforms, users tap or click (with any pointing device) to interact with a character, location or discover a product without intruding on immersive nature of the content.

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Startup | India | Chennai

Text Understanding using Artifical Learning. Products include Learning and Reasoning, Conextual Word mining, Search, Bioinformatics

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Startup | India | Gurgaon

This company recently acquired ML & NLP companies

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