iCog Labs

Corporates | Ethiopia | Addis Ababa

iCog Labs is a research and development company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, collaborating with international AI research groups and serving customers around the world. We have helped our customers with a variety of projects, but our core specialty is artificial intelligence, including machine learning based data analysis, computational linguistics, computer vision, mobile robots and cognitive robotics, cognitive architectures and artificial general intelligence. Our staffs bring experience contributing to international AI development teams, as well as software and hardware development experience on Ethiopian government and industry projects. We are core contributors to the OpenCog open source AI platform and utilize OpenCog within our projects as appropriate.

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Adigrat University

Academia | Ethiopia | Adigrat | University

Program: Diploma in Engineering and Technology

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icog labs

Academia | Ethiopia | Addis Ababa | Lab

Research conducted: Deep learning algorithms for vision processing and object recognition; Use of machine learning algorithms to predict trends in global consumption of entertainment media; Constructing mobile robots and enabling them with SLAM mapping, navigation ability and vision processing

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Academia | Ethiopia | Research Institute

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Adama Science and Technology University

Academia | Ethiopia | Adama | University

Program: Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Program; Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) program; Electrical Power and Control Engineering (EPCE) program

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Addis Abada University

Academia | Ethiopia | Addis Ababa | University

Research conducted: Research in Biotechnology

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